Creative engineering to bring down technological limitations

We are an engineering design company that speaks clients' language

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Design + engineering

Opposites attract.

We believe that the mix of functionality, usability and aesthetics that is at the base of all great products can only come from a combination of creativity, design and technology. We catalyze that synergy by bringing down the technological limitations to your success.

Technology consulting

Early on in the project, we spark new ideas by bringing our technical knowledge to the brainstorming table. You might be surprised of how much you can achieve thanks to ultimate technologies.

Feasibility study

We contribute our engineering experience to help you focus on feasible and easy-to-implement goals, so you don’t waste time and money on development that is going nowhere.

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Cross-pollination is a beautiful thing.

Daily exposure to design and creative thinking allows us to approach our job from the original point of view of creative engineering. We speak our clients’ language and collaborate on their projects in a framework of mutually beneficial co-creation.


We are passionate about digital fabrication and rapid prototyping. We start from 3D models and craft prototypes that move and think thanks to algorithms and embedded system solutions.


Engineering makes products and processes more reliable, strong and secure: what’s not to love?

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Out-of-the-box solutions

Defy limits.

We work with our clients towards outstanding results. With us at your side, barriers open up onto whole new, unexplored scenarios.


We are engineers, so of course we like coding and making things from scratch. We implement innovative and reliable native mobile apps, web apps, server APIs and special embedded systems.


We provide on-site supervision, quality analysis and system integration so your deploy strategy is carried out to success.

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